Network Description

About the Telemedical Stroke Network in Bavaria TEMPiS:
In 2003 two specialized stroke centres and 12 (meanwhile 21) regional hospitals founded a telemedical network in eastern Bavaria/Germany with the aim to provide modern stroke management and advanced stroke expertise in non-urban-areas. More than 9000 patients suffering from stroke are treated in the 21 hospitals of the TEMPiS-network every year. Physicians in the regional hospitals are able to contact the stroke centres in Munich-Harlaching or at the University of Regensburg 24 hours a day. The telemedical system consists of a digital network including a 2-way video conference and CT/MRI-image transfer using a high-speed-data transmission (transferring the pictures of the CT-scan within seconds). Stroke experts are contacted while the patient is still in the emergency department. The expert, using the 2-way video conference, can take a look at the patient, talk to the patient directly and examine the patient with the help of the local physician. Within minutes the expert can now decide whether or not a thrombolysis therapy is indicated. Due to the TEMPiS-network, patients in rural areas can now receive a highly specialized stroke treatment that used to be the privilege of patients living in larger cities with stroke centres. The TEMPiS-network not only provides telemedical advice. It also assists the regional hospitals in establishing specialized stroke wards and it offers regular education programs for the staff - nurses, therapists, doctors. Since 2003, more than 50000 teleconsultations have been performed and more than 7000 patients received thrombolysis (data from January 2017). Regarding this data, TEMPiS is the largest telemedical stroke network in the world. In a study with 3100 patients the benefit of this project was proven (Audebert et al, Lancet Neurol 2006). The treatment in a TEMPiS-connected hospital significantly improved the chance of a patient with a stroke to leave the hospital without severe disability. (Publications)TEMPiS is a prime example of an efficient stroke care easily accessible to the rural population. It has gained international appreciation and has received several awards.